Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tech Committee Proposal

So I've done several technology trainings over the past few years. I get really passionate and pumped up during these summer trainings. I can see the excitement for the teachers that come and every year I thing...this is it...this is going to be the year that we see some new things happen. Then the school year begins and the kids flow in and the lesson plans are due and the testing starts and .... well you know.

We do not have a tech integration specialist in our county. We have a fantastic, supportive tech coach at the district level, but she is just one person completely overloaded with the needs of the entire county. I am the school-based tech coordinator, but that is an extended contract position that I have to fit in whenever I'm not working my full time job. That leaves very little time during the school year to support tech integration.

After reading an article in Tech and Learning, I was inspired to propose a technology committee to my district coach and principal. The coach immediately jumped on board and offered up the iPads to those agreeing to serve on the committee. (I told you she was great!) We were looking for a good way to pilot the program anyway. Here is the proposal:
  • Encourage one participant per grade level; possibly special ed also
  • Participants will discuss the condition/functionality of technology available at their particular grade level
  • Participants will discuss exciting technologies that teachers can introduce in thie classrooms
  • Participants will share findings with their respective grade levels during planning/grade level meetings
  • Participants will research grants/available funding to pursue projects for his or her classroom/grade level
  • Each participant on the tech committee will be given an iPad to pilot in his or her classroom. At each meeting, we will discuss ways to use this new technology in the classroom
  • There will be at least six meetings throughout the year
Some of my responsibilities will include leading each meeting, introducing unfamiliar tools, demonstrating ways that the iPad can be used in a classroom setting.

Do any of you have committees like this at your school? Do you have suggestions for us? I would certainly like to hear from you if you do! Also, I'm collecting a list of iPad apps for education if you know of any!


  1. Yes! Tamra, the school I'm interim principal at now has LOTS of committees. Everyone has to serve on at least one. We have tech, assessment, assembly, social, oh gosh...there are so many more and my mind went blank. if you want more, I'll email them to you.

  2. Thanks, Katie! I would love it if you could email me anything you've got on committees (especially tech). We have a new principal this year and he has been asking for suggestions for committees. It would be great to get some fresh ideas!

  3. Tamra, this is a fantastic idea and solution to the problem of "not enough of one person to go around". Good creative thinking and blessed with a great team of people willing to support that creative thinking. It sounds like a winning combination to me! I looks forward to hearing how all of this works for you.

  4. Thanks, Kelly! So far so good. Have a lot of interest from teachers and the iPads came in today!! Can't wait to get started!